GOODBYE 2015...WHY HELLO 2016!

What a year 2015 was! The first official working week of 2016 is nearly over, and it has offered the perfect time to not only get back into the swing of things but also a chance to reflect on the big moments of the last twelve months. It wasn't tough for Corky and Bob Coleman when asked to rattle off their top 3 personal favourite highlights from 2015 in the South Burnett.


1. Erection of Charlotte the Emu's Statue

It was great to see the community come together to raise funds for Charlotte's memorial statue, that was erected in Wondai's Coronation Park. There was so much passion to make it happen and through donations by locals and businesses the committee were able to commission the statue. Now it stands tall and proud in the park for everyone, including tourists to enjoy.

2. Some Rain!

2015 was really tough for our farmers in the region. What a sight to see when we finally got some much needed rain towards the end of the year. Plus it was fantastic to hear cattle farmers were starting to see returns with prices up.

Charlotte the Emu's Statue unveiled in 2015

3. Community Spirit at Christmas Carnivals

After a challenging year for some; Christmas spirit was certainly alive and well at the festive carnivals and fair across the region. To see so many people turning out to support the organisations who worked hard to make each event happen was great.

Final comments of 2015...

Seeing more people joining the Crow Crew, plus the community support for the station throughout the year was great. Rain was a hot topic in Brekkie in 2015. I reckon the 'Biggest Def Leppard Fan in the South Burnett' - Jeff from Wattlecamp needs a new rain gauge....maybe someone can help him out with that in 2016. His highest records rainfall figure was 200mls (tell him he's dreamin'). It was also good to hear Jeff's rainfall rival Ron in Blackbutt got 5mLs (according to him that's a shower)...good to know he'll be able to shower until January hahaha!

Bob Coleman:

1. South Burnett Saints Winning First Premiership

What an amazing end to the Saints season it was to see them take out the Premiership. It was was well deserved for a very hardworking and hard training side.

South Burnett Saints Premiership Win

2. Kingaroy Premiership

Premierships seem to be a running theme of my highlights aren't they. Kingaroy's was a long time coming but it was again well deserved. Kingaroy really put in the effort throughout the season and their efforts were rewarding in outstanding fashion.

3. Growth of Women's Sport in the South Burnett

More women need to be encouraged to play sport - it's great! 2015 really saw the South Burnett sporting community take that onboard. It was great to see Holly Ferling consolidating her position within the Queensland and Australian Cricket teams. Plus you can't forget other girls and women who succeeded in their chosen sports in the region also. I say well done to them all and we can't wait to hear more good news in 2016!

Final comments of 2015...

I'm impressed that I'm a step closer to getting that nice 4WD Sports Reporting vehicle I've been hanging out for. Within the last twelve months I have secured myself one wheel....thanks Corky! Still 2016 maybe the year to finally get the three other tyres and maybe a chassis to go with it too (here's hoping!)

2015 was in some ways an exciting but challenging year, with ups and downs. It's fair to say all the Crow Crew are hoping 2016 will be a beaut year for all in the South Burnett - with good fortune and great times ahead!


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